In its weblog "Schotman Hendrik S.A." registrates all its operational activities. It is accessible only for staff members and for selected producers and customers.

The weblog is set up to simplify information exchange, to facilitate tracing and tracking activities and to increase transparency throughout the chain.



The weblog is updated daily. Therefore it is organized by using four-digit date-codes. The first digit reflects the year (5 = 2005, 6 will be 2006 and so on). The last three digits reflect the number of the day that year (001 = January 1st as 365 usually stands for December 31st).

The system is operational from day 5215 = August 3rd 2005. Records before that date may be requested from the Company's Administration and/or its Quality Assurance Department.

It is sure that all files will be electronically stored for at least five years, and that all information they contain will be available for our professional users upon demand. However, for the time being, we can not garantee the on-line availability of this weblog for five-years.