The weblog contains for each day from August 3rd 2005 all details about:


1 > Weather conditions Kavala

Daily meteogram with measurements at Chrysoupolis Airport of wind-strenght and wind-direction, temperature, relative humidity, air pressure and precipitation. Simultaneously it functions as 3-days forecast. By September 22nd 2005 this service has been substituted by a link to University of Athens 

For historical weather dates you may use the link of WetterOnline


2 > Sample-takings

From each field / producer supplying to "Schotman Hendrik S.A." at the appropiate time samples are taken for laboratory analysis in Greece and/or  abroad.

From the moment of sample-taking untill the final results all movements are registrated to enable the sample's (DHL)-traceability. T&T-details, results, conclusions and actions taken upon each sample are registrated in the file with the code of the day of sample-taking.

All results will be elaborated in the protected "residue-monitoring"-area of each product separately > products

In the more general part of that section information will be given about the details (name, address, certifications, scope) of the laboratory involved.

"Schotman Hendrik S.A." is committed to  submit within four (working)  hours all information available to all possible parties (especially to consumers or consumer organizations), who are showing their interest by submitting the contact form together with the lot-number found on  the product's packaging.


3 > Intakes

Per product all intakes are daily registrated, specifying date, intake-number, field-code, corresponding sample-number, producer's details and of course number of boxes and their gross and net weight.


4 > Production

Per product all production- and packaging activities are registrated. The sheet specifies date, lot-number (combination of intake-date and field-code), corresponding sample-number, producer's details and packaging details (confectioning, net weight, labelling details).


5 > Shipments

Each shipment will be daily registrated as to its consignee, the details of the transporter and the contents of the shipment specificated per pallet. The details of that pallet contain its unique number, lot-number, corresponding sample-number, class, pallet dimensions, way of packaging and its net weight.