Schotman Hendrik S.A. is a private owned company active in the production, storage, processing, packaging and export of agricultural products such as asparagus, table grapes and kiwifruit.

All its products are grown under the supervision of the company’s agronomist.

After intake from producers and groups of producers the products receive the specific treatment required for the maintenance of the product quality. Severe quality control procedures assure the satisfaction of the customer’s demands.


The company is located in the North-East of the Greek Republic. In the delta of the river Nestos the soil and the microclimate are ideal for the production of asparagus and kiwifruit while on the mountain slopes west of Kavala  circumstances are favorable for the growing of table grapes.

The place from where the company is operating is called Chrysochori, part of the city of Chrysoupolis; strategically situated in the center of the region and along the main road between Chrysoupolis and Keramoti. Within just a few kilometers from the company’s base there is the port of Keramoti and the international airport of Kavala.


The company is founded in 1998 as a result of prior efforts of Hendrik Schotman to organize the production, elaboration and marketing of asparagus.

Since its foundation continuous investments were made in bringing its installations into a state-of-art condition.

The success of the quality strategy had two effects. On the one hand it assured the satisfaction of the company’s customers and the creation of long-term profitable relationships. On the other hand the success enabled the company to pay relative high out-turns to the producers with whom also long term relationships have been created.

These two effects combined with the responsibility and creativity of the employees lay at the base for the continuous high growth rate since the foundation.