Asparagus has European origin. The ancient Greeks regarded asparagus as both tasty and useful. The Romans used it both as food and as medicine. It has been cultivated in England around 0 b.c. and it has been exported to America with the first colonists. Nowadays it is been grown all around the world.


It is very rare for a plant to offer so many vitmins and so little callories as the aspergus. 100 gr of white fresh asparagus contain only 15 callories while containing vitamins Α, Β, Β1, Β2, C and minerals as Ka, Na, Ca, Fe.

Table of Contents (100 gr fresh asparagus) 
Proteins   1gr 
Fat   0.14gr 
Hydrocarbonate   2gr 
Na   3 mgr 
Ka   155 mgr 
Ma   20 mgr 
Ca   16 mgr 
Fe   0.7 mgr 
P   35 mgr 
VItamin A   4 mgr 
VItamin C   16 mgr 
Vitamin B1   0.10 mgr 
Vitamin B2   0.10 mgr 
Niasin   0.5 mgr 

Source: www.aspa.gr